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HILTI BX 3 Mortar Cartridge System


The HILTI BX 3 is a mortar cartridge system designed for chemical anchoring of threaded rods, rebar, and post-installed reinforcing bars in concrete and masonry.


Dual Cartridge System: Separate mortar and hardener cartridges for precise mixing and easy application.
Styrenated Mortar: Resin-based mortar with excellent adhesion and load-carrying capacity.
Fast-Curing: Mortar cures quickly, allowing anchors to be loaded within a short time.
Versatile: Can be used for a wide range of anchoring applications in concrete and masonry.
Multiple Anchor Diameters: Supports threaded rods, rebar, and post-installed reinforcing bars up to 3/4″ (19 mm) diameter.
Easy to Use: Hand-operated dispensing tool and threaded rod/rebar cleaners ensure quick and effortless installation.


Anchoring threaded rods and rebar for structural connections
Post-installed reinforcing for concrete repairs and strengthening
Beam and column connections
Curtain wall mounting
Sanitary and wet area fixtures
Machinery and equipment mounting

Technical Specifications:

Cartridge Volume: 410 ml (14 oz)
Yield: 13.5 linear feet (4.1 m) for 3/8″ (10 mm) threaded rod
Cure Time: 15-120 minutes (depending on temperature)
Service Temperature Range: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C)
Meets Standards: ICC-ES AC193, IBC 2009-2018, UBC 1997-2003, FBC 2011-2017


Drill the hole to specified diameter and depth.
Clean the hole with the threaded rod/rebar cleaner.
Insert the dual cartridge into the dispensing tool.
Inject mortar into the hole, ensuring complete filling.
Insert the threaded rod/rebar while the mortar is still wet.
Wait for the specified cure time before loading the anchor.